I'm glad you want to know more

I like creating and cultivating, especially with others. Photography isn't a hobby or a career, it's my life.

I didn't pick up a camera a couple of years ago for fun; it is something I have pursued for as long as I can remember - from a very young age.

I spent two years in college covering every kind of social event. This made me realize just how much I love connecting with people and being able to capture moments people will relish and remember. Whether it's a formal event such as a wedding or something as simple as meeting friends for dinner, I tend to focus on the moments and memories that I believe will tell the stories of the individuals in those moments and memories. 

I prefer a more artistic approach - that's what I'm best at. Studying art so closely gave me too much exposure to that specific kind of beauty to not incorporate it into my work.


When I'm not behind the lens

I graduated from Covenant College in 2016 with a B.A. in Art, concentrating in Photography. I live in Chattanooga, but am elsewhere at least one weekend a month. Let's grab coffee or a margarita and get to chatting!

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