Jordon + Kailey: Engagement in Huntsville

When I shot Jordon and Kailey's engagement photos back in December, I knew they would be some of the last shots I took in 2016, and in my head, I wanted them to be awesome and to end the year with a bang 'cause good feels and stuff right? Right. Well, their session did not disappoint. Kailey suffered through frigid winds while we were on top of a mountain - she was such a good sport. Honestly, the wind was so funny and we couldn't stop laughing, which made for the best kinds of photos (live, laugh, love, guys!). We headed back down the mountain right at sunset because Kailey was too cold in the wind at this point old, but then I dragged them up on top of a parking garage because parking garage rooftops are my favorite. We had the most beautiful view of downtown Huntsville as the sun went down and took some last few shots that (I think) make them look like celebrities.

It's still crazy to me at times that Kailey's even getting married! It seems like just yesterday this dear friend and I were pulling all-nighters and hating everything we made in our art classes. We're both still creating three years later, but we definitely sleep more, thankfully. Kailey is an AMAZING artist/printmaker and you have to check out her art. Jordon is such a caring, sweet guy, it's no surprise Kailey is so into him. I'm so thankful to be a part of their relationship and I can't wait for their wedding in September!


Stephen + Jasiri: Engagement in Atlanta

It's nearly impossible to write about these two as if they're clients of mine. They're just not. Stephen is my brother and Jasiri is one of my close friends. They're two of the people most important to me and spending the day with them in Atlanta walking around, hanging out, eating, and yes, taking photos was a memory I'll always cherish. They've taught me how to break out of my pop music mold, how to make great cocktails, and how to better care about the people you care about. They're devoted to each other and push each other toward better things.

Jasiri's family has lived in Chattanooga for over a decade now, and though we all love Chattanooga, when we talked about where to take photos, she pushed for stepping outside of the city to make some fresh memories. Just in case you don't already know this, I LOVE roadtrips, traveling, and new places, and while Atlanta isn't new to any of us, it was just refreshing getting to spend some time exploring the city. Though the day didn't go exactly as planned, I think we made the most of it. These two were troopers and let me drag them so many places that caught my eye. We also got to eat food-that-feeds-your-soul food and share some sick views. My vote for this day: 10/10. 

We started at the High Museum, which has the best architecture and the yummiest light, but after getting kicked out (permits? bye) we wandered around outside near the High and found other architecture and spaces to explore.

After that drama, we needed food, so they kindly indulged my desire to visit one of my favorite places to eat in the whole world. I'm not even going to try and pretend I'm not weirdly obsessed with Shake Shack. Whatever. After eating, we walked across the street and explored the six-story Restoration Hardware and planned what our homes will look like (someday...maybe). We finished up with Shake Shack SHAKES (duh) because they're the best.

We were still a little bummed from getting kicked out (I was very bummed actually) so I was trying to think of one last place where we could take a few final photos and "redeem" the situation. Thanks to Google, I found a parking garage rooftop, which is always a great place to shoot, especially at sunset. Ah, beauty. These are some of my favorite images from the whole day. I hope you enjoy. And I can't believe in just over three(!!!!) months I get to watch behind the lens as my big brother/life-long partner in crime marries his Jasiri, the coolest French kitty queen roommate of mine.


Daniel + Caroline: Engagement in Asheville

Caroline and I have lived together since last summer and when Tuna (a nickname Daniel goes by) proposed last October, I knew we were going to have SO much fun taking engagement photos because 1. Caroline has amazing style and 2. we both love plants, road trips, and adventure. When she and Tuna suggested we take a trip to The Biltmore Estate right outside of Asheville, I was ecstatic! Even though I have lived only a few hours away from this amazing place my whole life, I had never been! Caroline and Tuna had visited before to scope it out and Caroline knew she wanted to take photos in the amazing conservatory. 

I don't have words for how beautiful that place was - a plant lover's heaven. It was beautiful and green and warm and rich and I could have stayed in there ALL DAY. We spent most of our time soaking up all of the green before heading out to tour the house and the rest of the grounds. I love these photos and I can't wait for Tuna and Caroline's wedding in August! 


Stephen + Jasiri: Proposal on Lookout Mountain

I mean, what do you write when your brother proposes to this super cool girl you love on a mountain with a beautiful city below? I think I'll let these photos speak instead.

Special thanks to this special place on Lookout Mountain for letting us use their deck for a BEAUTIFUL scene wow oh wow.

And shoutout to Wesley (Jasiri's bro) for helping set all of this up and for the siiiiiiiick iPhone mood lighting featured in these last three photos.

Such a special occasion wow. Cheers cheers cheers to these two and the start of a new journey!

Kyler + Meredith: Wedding in Montreat, NC

I'm so glad I'm finally sharing Kyler and Meredith's wedding from this summer! I had the pleaseure of tag-teaming this wedding with my friend, Ellen, of Eureka Photography. Meredith, Ellen, and I go back to the beginning of college with our photoshoots, sleepovers, and road trips to Atlanta. Once, we were driving back to school together only to get thwarted 30 minutes down the road by a flat tire! Those memories made it that much more a joy to see Meredith finally say, "I do." The funniest part is that I remember before they were even dating, Meredith tried to set me up with Kyler! She kept telling me what an awesome guy he was, how kind, how funny. She herself only saw him "like a brother" buuuuut fast-forward several months and Meredith was the one on a date with Kyler, not me! These two complement each other and love each other so well; Kyler is as goofy as Meredith is sweet. Their day was full of beautiful moments, and so much genuine laughter and (happy!) tears. They had an amazing support system that day and it was sweet seeing how much Kyler and Meredith both have poured into their friends and family. Two of my favorite moments from the whole day included their first look (which has made me a bigger advocate for first looks), and when Ellen convinced them to get into a canoe and row around the lake for some fun photos...and I ended up also getting in a canoe with my camera to get up close 'cause, you know, anything for a good photo! Any couple that agrees to row around in a canoe BEFORE the ceremony is a winning couple in my book. Congratulations Kyler and Meredith!

Summer 2015

Last year, I had the opportunity to study art and travel in France and Italy for the entire summer. It was my last summer while still in college, and I was able to take four classes (three in France and one in Italy) that taught me more than I can put into words. I spent six weeks in Aix-en-Provence, studying French, art history, and sculpture, then a week in Switzerland resting before studying more art and art history in Florence. I returned from this experience five days before I had to start senior year, which barely gave me enough time to recover from jet lag, much less look through all of the photos I had taken.

Trying to organize my photos has never been my strong suit, much less doing so while traveling. I was constantly shooting all summer from 3-4 different cameras daily, never really spending the time I should have going through and sorting my images. I only recently upgraded my SLR in May of this year from a Canon Rebel XSi to a Canon 7D, so even though I was IN EUROPE, if I was shooting digitally, I was mostly shooting with my iPhone, to tell you the truth. My phone more often than not could capture exactly what I wanted with way less hassle. If I really liked the moment, I often tried to capture it on film because I wanted to push myself to use film more. I also had some disposables with me, so I ended up doing a lot of shooting and switching. I never wanted to be without my film camera, but I didn't always want to carry two heavy cameras, so my SLR sat at home a lot. That being said, I ended up with 12 rolls of film from the summer, which sat in a bag on my dresser for over a year. The cost of development has almost doubled since I started using film a few years ago and I couldn't bring myself to commit to the cost of having it developed until recently. The ironic part now is that in my head, 12 rolls was a crazy, ridiculous amount and now that I have my scans back (FINALLY) my only thought has been, "why did I ever hold back?" 

Now that they're developed, I have an overwhelming amount of new images and would love to start sharing them. These are without a doubt some of my favorite images I have ever taken so stay tuned! More than likely they will slowly trickle out over the next few months. Having held on to them for so long, I can't help but feel as though it will be even better to savor this curation process now that I have them. Below are just a few I picked to get started.


Nice, France

Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Italy

Marseilles, France

Florence, Italy

Männlichen, Grindelwald, Switzerland

Paris, France

Thomas: Senior Portraits in Blowing Rock

I am working on some exciting posts right now, but I thought I'd go ahead and share some portraits I took for fun of my (yes, another) younger brother because he is a SENIOR IN HIGH SCHOOL which is a great place to be in life! We (maybe just me) had fun, which mostly included his indulging me chasing after different lighting all around the beautiful mountain-scape where we were staying this particular weekend as a family. Too often I think what is classified as a "senior portrait" fits in too small of a box. So here's my interpretation! Enjoy.


Isaiah: Senior Portraits in Chattanooga

Hi hi hi! In this post, I'm sharing some personal things that mean a lot to me but that's because they're super important things to share. Isaiah is a senior in high school this year, but more than that, he is the younger brother of one of my roommates, Jasiri, who is also my older brother's girlfriend. Jasiri and I didn't meet until after my senior year of college (unfortunately!), but when I did become friends with her, it was also through her that I became friends with her roommate from all four years of college, Ruthie. Something I value about our friendships with each other is that all of us have a brother with Down syndrome, and our mutual love for those with special needs has been so sweet. That being said, Isaiah and his family are near (actually, literally near me, they live across the street!) and dear to my heart; they are full of special people, including Isaiah. October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month, and I thought there couldn't be a better way to spread awareness than sharing these portraits I took of Isaiah for his senior year. 


Isaiah, Will (Ruthie's brother), and Jack (my brother) at our graduation party in May.

Fall Mini-Sessions

Chattanooga! I am excited to announce I am now offering Fall Mini-Sessions! The available dates are Friday, October 28th and Friday, November 4th. Sign up for a 30-minute time slot between 4:30-6:30 pm. Photos will be taken on the Guild Trail just off of Ochs Highway. Approx. 10 digital images delivered one week after session. Take advantage of this first-time deal for the low price of $100!

Contact to reserve a spot! Email: or Call: 803.293.6564.


Dylan + Lesley: Wedding in Statesboro

Dylan and Lesley are one of the couples I've actually shot their engagement photos AND their wedding photos and I'm so excited I was able to do so! I've known Dylan since freshman year of college, and his lady Lesley sure is a lovely one. Their day was full of friends, family, and lots and lots and LOTS of dancing. (If anyone is wondering, I believe Dylan has met his match as a dancer in Lesley - she can BRING IT.) They had a beautiful ceremony and reception at The Belle House in Statesboro, with perfect weather throughout the day. #HowToTrapADouglas = SUCCESS!!


P.S. PLEASE look for where we pulled out all the stops to copy a pretty well-known movie poster because it turned out AMAZING (hint: not the groomsmen but...)

Greg + Lydia: Engagement in Nashville

HEY. I'm Heather. I take lots and lots of photos. And I'd love to share more of them through blogging because I think it's easier to see the creative process that way, and the creative process is something I really value. I'm brand new to blogging so please bear with me as I figure it out! I think it's fitting that my first post be about someone who has been helping me through the creative process for a long time. I've known Greg since his freshman year/my sophomore year of college and he is an amazing designer/painter/artist. He works harder at what he does than anyone I know (keep an eye out becuz his designs are about to be EVERYWHERE). His proposal to his fiancé, Lydia, was over-the-top awesome, and now I get to celebrate with them as they prepare to start life together! Since Lydia is now studying at Vanderbilt, we decided to shoot some engagement photos in Nashville, which was the bee's knees because then I got to hit up all the hip Nash spots. Thanks for browsing/hope you enjoy!


Barista Parlor Golden Sound - highly recommend visiting sometime! Great coffee, color, and lighting - all things I love.


John Siegenthaler Pedestrian Bridge - great view of the river and of Nashville

Arlington Vineyards - fav ever. If you're from the Chattanooga area ALERT ALERT PLEASE visit this gorgeous oasis located just 30 minutes(!!!) south of Nashville. (We didn't even end up getting wine OR a tour, so I am definitely planning round 2...who's in?) Sunset/grapevines vibes = perfffffection. Can't wait for the wedding bells next August!!